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Training in Leadership and Management

Our training in Leadership and Management  are “custom-designed” and guaranteed by more than 20 years of experience working with leaders from all sectors.  We design our Seminars and Workshops ad hoc for your personnel, according to your requirements.

The training is performed using the action-reflection methodology, allowing participants to construct their own knowledge by sharing opinions and experiences. Using cases from the real world, we make the learning a vivid experience, complemented with theory and principles to establish a solid basement for future performance.

Your leaders will receive up-to-date training from highly qualified instructors and trainers, experts on leadership and management.

 Benefits of investing in training your leaders:

  • It has been proven that a leader´s performance explains the 30% of the bottom-line results.
  • Employees perceive a better job climate and feel more involved and committed to the business.
  • Increase talent retention and high performance.
  • Reduce fails, misunderstandings, reprocesses, wastage, and other negative impacts from low-quality management.



  • Our seminars and workshops can be developed in person or online.
  • They are tailored to the needs of your staff, and in English or Spanish.
  • We have a virtual campus for distance education, where participants will find materials and videos of the course for further reinforcement.
  • For the training design, we hold a previous meeting with those in charge of training or with the head of the area.
  • The duration is variable, depending on the objectives to be achieved.
  • They are dictated using practical and experiential methodologies.
  • We use materials and real cases taken from the job reality of the participants.


Seminars and Workshops

Leadership and Management (6 hours)

Strengthen your understanding of the difference between being a leader and being a manager. In this course, you will be able to recognize these two roles and the leadership styles promoted in these times of change, technology, and globalization. You will be able to strengthen your values and principles that will be the basis of your leadership, to function successfully in both roles: to become an outstanding “executive leader.”

  • What is leadership and what is management? Roles and responsibilities.
  • Why you deserve to become a leader?
  • Principles of leadership.
  • Leadership styles needed in these times of change and technology.
  • Transactional and Transformational Leadership Styles.
  • Applying Situational Leadership.


Leader´s Qualities and Competencies (6 hours)

This course clarifies which are the competencies required in these times to carry out managerial positions. We will present our model of managerial competencies, made up of 30 competencies. We will explain each one to facilitate self-evaluation, as well as techniques for its development. This course is a roadmap for a personal plan of action and strengthening in leadership.

  • Principles of leadership.
  • Leadership for a changing world.
  • The competencies model for Leaders.
  • Competencies for Achievement and Action.
  • Personal Interrelation Competencies.
  • Impact and influence Competencies.
  • Managerial Competencies.
  • Cognitive Competencies.
  • Personal Effectiveness Competencies,
  • Technical or Professional Competencies.


Vision, Goals, and Time Management (6 hours)

Increase your skills to design your vision, transform that vision into objectives, and organize yourself to optimize time and resources for success. Leaders have a vision of the future that guides their efforts to achieve their mission, which must be clearly expressed in order to be communicated to their teams. They also need to know how to establish objectives, projects, and activities. The course contributes to developing the ability to plan, organize work and manage time. These three skills are critical to business success.

  • Principles of Leadership: Vision and Mission.
  • What is success for you?
  • Set Goals SMART.
  • Projects and activities.
  • Organizing your days. The impact of your habits.
  • Learn how to prioritize and manage the agenda.
  • The To-Do List and Time Blocking.
  • Understanding procrastination and how to avoid it.
  • Order and work organizing techniques.


Analytic Thinking and Decision Making (6 hours)

Develop your capacity for analytical, conceptual, and strategic thinking to increase your decision-making capacity. This course contributes to improving analytical and conceptual thinking through real cases. In the same line, we will work on strategic thinking by learning how to prepare SWOT analysis and use logical decision-making methodologies.

  • Cognitive competencies and its impact on results.
  • The analytical and conceptual approach.
  • What does strategic thinking mean and how to improve it in your day-to-day.
  • The SWOT Analysis.
  • The process of decision-making.
  • Techniques to evaluate alternatives.


Communication for Leadership (6 hours)

This course contributes to the strengthening of communication skills required by today’s leaders. There is a direct relationship between communication and leadership, which is often not well understood by bosses. This course strengthens the skills to communicate effectively and assertively, improve interpersonal relationships, positively handle difficult situations and people, and maintain integration and commitment in their work teams. The course includes best practices for leading meetings and making presentations.

  • Communication as a tool for leadership.
  • The direct relationship between communication and leadership.
  • The leader´s communications model.
  • Communication as a two-way process.
  • How to solve communication barriers. The appropriate use of channels.
  • Improving your interpersonal exchanges in labor environments.
  • The power of feedback.
  • How to manage meetings.
  • Design effective presentations.



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